The Collective

by Aurora

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released April 12, 2015



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Aurora Melbourne, Australia

In 2007, Aurora started out as a full band, consisting of a monolith of stoner-esque riffs and NoS driven vocals.

As the band progressed over the years, Aurora's (Louise Roussety & Owen Chesterton) sound evolved and came full circle to turn those same songs into the stripped back, southern tinged, folk inflected gems that you hear today.
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Track Name: Unresolved
Too tired from sleep
A sleep where I'm trapped.
And in the dark it feels
like my arrow is pulled all the way back.
Consumed with a need
that's taking its toll
And too weary with grief
for an answer that's unresolved

How much am I willing to take?
When I give so much, is it all in vain?
How much more, am I willing to take?
Until, until I finally break.

Too numb to feel
what your soul tries to destroy.
Too overwhelmed
to choose what's wrong from what's right.
As the skies open wide
and everything takes it toll.
Too lost in the lies
for an answer that's unresolved

Unless the monsters let go, it'll all be unresolved.
Track Name: Into the Great Unknown
As i walk through this earth
I feel like I'm all alone.
Only the stars to light my way
Into the great unknown...

As I go, I know I'll falter
I'll slip and fall along the way.
I only ask you walk by my side
On this vast journey

As I go into The Great Unknown

I'm amazed, and yet I wonder
How things all fall into place.

Yet I cant comprehend, all these horrors
of how others slip away.

Just let me go, into this battle
Fangs bared, read for war.
If all else fails, I know I've conquered
Just going into The Great Unknown
Track Name: Too Little Too Late
This merry-go-round
Of you and I
I just wanna get off.
All this wasted time
and all these lies
There's just nothing left of Us

Coz you're too little too late.

We seem to be
Unfinished business.
But all this is
Is smoke and mirrors
and you're just full of shit

Coz you're too little too late.

Did you think this would last forever?

You're too little too late.
Track Name: St Peter
See me at the fork in your road.
I hold all that you've ever known.
I am the dirt stuck underneath your nails
I'll be on your last ship that ever sails.

I know you won't wait
patiently for me but,
We both know damn well
That I'm the one who holds
your wings.
While you're here won't
you overcome your fears and
Settle your scores with dignity.

See me in the back of your mind.
I'll be the only one you'll see
At the end of the line.
Slowly invisibly, I'll make you weak.
I'll spread through you like cancer
My name is all you'll ever speak.
Track Name: Sense of Grace
Hold my hand tightly
And follow me down.
Hold onto me tight
And show me things...I've never been shown.

Don't let the darkness
Consume your vision
Don't let yourself
Be thrown.

Squeeze the life out of me
I wont put up a fight.
Crush your lips to mine
And help put out the light.

Don't blame, Don't blame me for this
Don't blame me for your fall from grace.